Neotek @ Barbue, Cph this Saturday

A little late with the info, but nonetheless it’s true – Neotek will be performing a very special gig at the classic underground venue Barbue. Barbue was known through the 80s and very early 90s as the place to enjoy concerts with Front Line Assembly, KMFDM, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, A Split Second, Borghesia, Leaether Strip and countless others.

Barbue was closed down in 1994, but later re-opened as a jazz venue. They open their doors to allow the famous club Metropolis – the host of many of these aforementioned concerts – to celebrate their 25th anniversary on Saturday March 3rd.

When Metropolis was launched in 1993, it was with performances by Godheads and Birmingham 6. Club Metropolis Founders, Morten “High Tower” and Brian “DJ Brain” wanted to mark the anniversary by having the same line-up, and asked us if we wanted to extend our Birmingham 6 set in addition to also playing a Neotek set. Of course we said yes, and on top of this we even dug up a couple of Good Courage tracks that we will also be playing – since Good Courage was our main act back in those days.

But, wait! There’s more! Co-founding member, Jens, has decided to leave Neotek to pursue other music projects. Since this will be our last concert together, we will do our very best to make it a memorable event! We may even pull up a very old track from the PTZ days (we’re talking 1991-material here!).

We’ll be playing for the benefit of Kurt and Claus


We are pleased to announce that we’ll be performing in Copenhagen this summer at a fund-raising event to support Kurt and Claus of Leæther Strip who are struggling with heavy expenses to medicine.

The event takes place at Lygten Station on 11 June 2016.

Aside from us, Slagskygge, Ras Bolding and Leæther Strip will be on stage during the evening.

read more about the event here:

If you are not able to show up but wish to make a donation, you have the following options:

PayPal to
MobilePay (Denmark only) to 22791167

Please make sure to add the message “KURT” to your donation.

Less than a week to next Neotek show in Copenhagen

On Saturday 10. 10. 2015 we will play a (short?) concert as part of this year’s ‘Tribute’ show in Musikcaféen, Copenhagen. The tribute theme this year is Halloween, so we’ve put together a short set of Ghost Rider songs. After this set we will play a couple of songs from our own back catalog as well as some famous Birmingham 6 tracks which we have integrated into our repertoire.

This is one of the few chances you will have to hear new songs from our end – even if we did not actually write these songs ourselves.

See you there!

More info:

The Neotek live setup

Since I’ve been asked more than once, I decided to write up a small article about our live setup.

Yes, we’re electronic!


Our key component in the setup is the Mac Book Pro. On this we run Apple Mainstage, in which we have a Patch for each of the songs we play.

Mainstage runs backing tracks in the “Playback” wave file player, and these are started remotely from an attached MIDI keyboard (currently a Novation ReMote 37 SL). The same keyboard is used to select the ‘Next’ patch between each song.

Mainstage also hosts all the softsynths, samplers and amp simulators as well as tempo-synced delays – primarily used for vocals. Many parameters are tweaked in real time using MIDI control messages from the attached keyboards and the Native Instruments Maschine controller.

Audio signals in and out of the computer are handled by the Motu 8Pre audio interface. Since this particular model only has 2 analog outputs, we’ve also attached a Behringer ADA8000 ADAT AD/DA converter, effectively giving us 8 additional in/out, allowing us to make separate monitor mixes to each of us – although we do not make much use of this at the moment.

Yes, we play live!


We are using two MIDI keyboards and a Maschine controller. We use ES2 and EXS24 from Apple as well as Maschine, Kontakt, Battery and Massive from Native Instruments. For delays we’ve used the Tape Delay by Apple, but are expecting to replace this before our next gig with something else (probably Rubbadub from ++audio).

Guitar and bass are processed using Guitar Rig from Native Instruments. Our mostly used electric bass of is the Epiphone Thunderbird series.

All vocals as well as anything else you see us perform are in fact performed live – we do not appreciate ‘miming’.