New Neotek videos, next concert and other news!

Some different news from the Neotek camp!

Right now we are preparing for our next gig @ Danish Synth Festival in Copenhagen together with Leæther Strip, Epic Typo and Nattefrost.

Read more about the festival here:


Our 2 latest concerts in Aarhus (RECession Festival 2010) and Odense went very very well and we got a lot of positive response!

See this high quality promotional live video from Aarhus – where Neotek plays the totally rewamped version of Pink Noise:

Some great pictures from RECession Festival 2010 – there are some very cool Neotek pictures in between:

The Odense concert @ Club Golem was a very cool experience with a very energetic audience – there are both fan videos and cool live pictures:
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