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Neotek is back at Klub Golem this month

Yes, it’s true!

We’ll be there together with the Swedish old-school EBM act AUTODAFEH, so this is going to be one kick-ass night to remember!

Se you there.

May 23 at 8 p.m.

Farvegården 7 – entrance from the back yard
5000 Odense C


The Neotek live setup

Since I’ve been asked more than once, I decided to write up a small article about our live setup.

Yes, we’re electronic!

Our key component in the setup is the Mac Book Pro. On this we run Apple Mainstage, in which we have a Patch for each of the songs we play.

Mainstage runs backing tracks in the “Playback” wave file player, and these are started remotely from an attached MIDI keyboard (currently a Novation ReMote 37 SL). The same keyboard is used to select the ‘Next’ patch between each song.

Mainstage also hosts all the softsynths, samplers and amp simulators as well as tempo-synced delays – primarily used for vocals. Many parameters are tweaked in real time using MIDI control messages from the attached keyboards and the Native Instruments Maschine controller.

Audio signals in and out of the computer are handled by the Motu 8Pre audio interface. Since this particular model only has 2 analog outputs, we’ve also attached a Behringer ADA8000 ADAT AD/DA converter, effectively giving us 8 additional in/out, allowing us to make separate monitor mixes to each of us – although we do not make much use of this at the moment.

Yes, we play live!

We are using two MIDI keyboards and a Maschine controller. We use ES2 and EXS24 from Apple as well as Maschine, Kontakt, Battery and Massive from Native Instruments. For delays we’ve used the Tape Delay by Apple, but are expecting to replace this before our next gig with something else (probably Rubbadub from ++audio).

Guitar and bass are processed using Guitar Rig from Native Instruments. Our mostly used electric bass of is the Epiphone Thunderbird series.

All vocals as well as anything else you see us perform are in fact performed live – we do not appreciate ‘miming’.


Neotek is supporting for Die Krupps this summer

It is with great pleasure that we can announce ourselves as the supporting act for Die Krupps when they visit the venue Forbrændingen on 5 August.

We have already begun preparations, and expect to be able to play some brand new material at this event.

Neotek to play in Copenhagen City

For the first time in three years we will be performing in our hometown.

It will be a truly energetic show featuring not only classics from our own back catalogue, but also a few Birmingham 6 tracks.

The event is hosted by our long time friend, Brian of Club Braincorp.

More info:


Neotek to play in Malmö

Yes, it’s true… For the first time in 21 months, a new Neotek gig is announced.

We will be performing a very special set of tracks that are from 1995 or before! So put on your favourite military boots and prepare yourselves for a true old-school event!

The concert takes place at Club Deep on 27 April 2013 and is arranged by Neostalgia

Neotek to perform at this year’s Nakkefestival

Yes, it’s finally confirmed. Neotek is to play at Nakkefestival in the beautiful area of Vig, Denmark.

More information is available at

Looking forward to seeing you there :)

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NEOTEK will be supporting FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY on part of their 2011 European tour. Here are the dates: 26.08. Gothenburg, 27.08. Stockholm, 28.08. Copenhagen, 30.08. Hamburg. More info soon!

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What a boat!!!

Neotek @ DAS BOOT spring cruise 2011Neotek had a fantastic trip on DAS BOOT spring cruise from Stockholm to Tallinn and back. 42 hours of non-stop partying and great music!

Thanks to all organisers, guests, friend and all others that we have forgotten.

This is a festival we can highly recommend!!

Special offer – discount on DAS BOOT tickets

Not only are the DAS BOOT festival the ultimate electronic combination of festival, party and live music – now you can even get it at a discount price.

With 40 hours of partying on a cruise ship sailing from Stockholm to Tallinn with bands like Infected Mushroom, VNV Nation, Aesthetic Perfection, Spetsnaz, of course Neotek, and many many others, and a lot of high quality DJs, you are in for the party experience of a lifetime. And if that is not enough – from Monday February 28. you can even get tickets at a special discounted price. For each bed you book you save 100 SEK!

Cabin prices: (categori – price/pers)
B4 – 795 SEK (normal price: 895 SEK )
B4 = cabin for 4 persons (bed, toilet, shower in cabin)
There are other cabin categories.

How to book:
Online: – don’t forget to use booking code: DASVIP when booking to get the discount.
By telephone: ticket hot line: +46 (0)8-666 33 33 (press 1 when they start speaking) – don’t forget to use booking code: DASVIP when booking to get the discount.

More info on:

Join the DAS BOOT Facebook group:

See you aboard!

Brain Over Muscle re-released

The first Neotek album “Brain Over Muscle” has in its original version been re-released – as digital download.

Buy it in a online digital music shop near you!